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#universityofky Student Center Steering Committee where @ukcod #architecture student @hkoesters and #interiors student Brittany Holian are participating in group discussion with student body president via phone. Faculty represented by @rebekahison and @martinrsummers #thinkdesign #ukcod #seeblue


#Repost from @martinrsummers with @repostapp —- #universityofky Student Center Steering Committee where @ukcod #architecture student @hkoesters and #interiors student Brittany Holian are participating in group discussion with student body president via phone. Faculty represented by @rebekahison and @martinrsummers #thinkdesign #ukcod #seeblue

Snohetta Week 2 Recap


My last week at Snohetta ( was dedicated to production for an upcoming presentation that my team had with the client so I was working on diagrams, sun studies, and sections. I have not worked with a lot of sun studies so I learned a lot about how to analyze information based on renders and how to translate that into design development.

Thursday evening, the office threw a “going away” party for me complete with cake and beer. It was nice to get to have casual conversations and say goodbye to everyone before I left on Friday.


After the party, Hannah Sellers and I went to a lecture at Cooper Union by Craig Dykers (co-founder of Snohetta) which was extremely funny and he talked about a lot of projects which we had studied, including the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. The first year students were having midterm reviews and it was normal studio time so we got to see the work and walk around/talk to other students. The main difference between Cooper Union and UK is how the studios are set-up! At Cooper Union, every undergrad studio is in the same room with partitions to distinguish years while the graduate studio is in another room. The students did not have a lot of room to work and the room was a mess! Their building also closes at 2:00 so they cannot stay in studio and work all night. After talking to other students, I became extremely appreciative of UK and how our College of Design is structured.


Overall, my experience at Snohetta was amazing! I learned much more than I thought was even possible in just two weeks. The people in the office were extremely nice and made me feel right at home. I am so thankful for the experience and would definitely suggest for other students to seize this opportunity as well.



Nikki Groneck

Brooks + Scarpa


(CPU Maxed out)

So what have I been doing? (tylerabell)

I have been working on a House Project in Chicago.

Programs: AutoCad, Rhino, V-Ray, Grasshopper, and Photoshop.

This week, I finally moved away from AutoCad land and returned to my happy place of Rhino and Photoshop. I took all the red ink changes on the construction drawing set and applied them to the Rhino Model.

I used Grasshopper to create the brick facade of the house. Initially, the bricks are stacked up in vertical columns, and the columns are next to each other across the facade. The bricks do not overlap each other as found in a traditional brick wall. So, what did Grasshopper do? I used Grasshopper to create a rather complicated script to tell the bricks to rotate on a center axis, which is a piece of rebar running vertically through the column of bricks. The rotation is based on a image, (The image was created by Larry and applies directly to the conceptual ideals of the project.) that is a gradient of black and white. Black being the normal state with no rotation, and white being extreme rotation. (Hopefully, I can post a image later). 

After I finished the 3D model, I applied materials and prepped for rendering.Then, I created 3 montages of the house, using V-Ray and Photoshop. Yesterday, before leaving work I setup an animation that would hopefully of finished grinding out before I made it to work this morning. 148 renderings later, I wait. Only 32 more to go! Oh, I also am using the DRSpawner with V-Ray. The DRSpawner allows V-Ray to distribute the rendering among several machines, in my case 5. Awesome, power of computing !

Anyways, I have learned Autocad, how to create an animation, use Distributed Rendering, and the work flows of an office. 

Do you know about Brooks + Scarpa? Angie and Larry are insanely intelligent people and when they speak I just stand there and soak it in. Larry says, “Are you following me?” , and I am standing their soaking in the wisdom than reply, “Yes, yes” 

"Known the leaders in the field of sustainable design, their Solar umbrella house in Venice, California (the home of Scarpa and Brooks) has been named by the AIA as one of the Top Ten Green Projects.”


We are in talks with a few designers in the office to possibly tour the house!

- tylerabell

Anyways, back to work - the animation should be finished soon!

Brooks+Scarpa. Los Angeles. Week 1.

Madeline Cunningham

Future Cities Lab (San Francisco, CA).03.02

Future Cities Lab (San Francisco, CA).03.01

Future Cities Lab (San Francisco, CA).03

Hello again from NorCal, hope everyone is doing very well!

Everything at Future Cities Lab has been really awesome.. I’m finding that I love working at a smaller firm like this more and more every day. We celebrated Jason’s birthday last week, which was a lot of fun. Nataly and Jason are actually married, and have an 11 month-old girl named Stella who I got to hold (true intern test!) and play with a bit. She’s really sweet, looks like both of her parents and is already learning three languages! I wrapped up the archive of precedent projects with Jason (having desk crits with him is the sweetest, he seems to really like what I’ve been up to and always gives encouraging feedback/insightful directions). Most recently I’ve moved on to the diagrammatic vignettes of a few of these projects, which has been a lot of fun.  Since they are mostly graphically driven, I really enjoy doing them, of course. The beginning part of this week they’ve started to become more speculative in that we are starting to add to the existing projects I’ve researched – the beginnings of the project this is all for are starting to emerge out of these new strategies and understandings of the challenges of the prior projects, which is the reason for all of this. So it’s all great to experience.

After I finish these up, I’m very much looking forward to moving into the shop to play with a Kinect motion sensor that Jason bought this weekend.. more details on where that goes to come, but it should be sweet. I will also never ever complain about cleaning the soluble 3-D printer bath at the shop back at UK/CoD because I got to experience what it was like to “excavate” a few resin-based, Makerbot 3-D prints here and let me tell you that it is quite tedious and no where near as easy (you basically have to pick off the hardened support resin with tweezers and such without breaking the resin that is supposed to stay – there is minimal difference between the materials). Still learning a ton and most of all I’ve been inspired by someone or something in the office every day of the week.

I moved to a new place in town this weekend on Saturday – it’s a lot different than the old place, but only two blocks from work (so I returned my trusty rental bike to save the firm some scratch). Missing getting into shenanigans with Cat and Sage at night, for sure. New place is more of a hostel/bunker with many people coming and going. Seems like everyone is from a different country and everyone is pretty friendly. Tossed some frisbee with strangers from Oakland for a couple of hours in Delores Park as well, which was great! Also went to dinner with another intern named Fernando at the firm and a bunch of his amigos from Madrid, Spain in the Mission on Saturday night! Sage came along as well.. we ate at this Peruvian place and it was literally the best food I’ve ever had.

Spent a considerable amount of time Sunday exploring the northwest side of town. Riding the metro up there was a ton of fun, although most of the day was spent walking. Started at the de Young Museum [link] in Golden Gate Park and worked my way around the green there a bit (there were so many active people there all day). Met up with Sage at a place called the Sutro Baths (a relatively new ruin on the Pacific coast!), and took some trails together there around the coast. I am currently taking a ruins seminar with Andrew Manson at the UK/CoD right now so they were amazingly relevant to see. Sage headed home early, but I had to get closer to the Golden Gate Bridge, so I took myself to a beautiful beach up there to watch the sun set on the west coast within view of the bridge until it got too cold. 

Time has moved by so swiftly, though I’m probably missing anyone reading this a lot - I wish I could bring everyone here. I’d say that it is definitely becoming my favorite city I have ever been to for all sorts of reasons. Been listening to Mala’s BBC Essential Mix on repeat, which has become a sort of soundtrack to my trip (the dubplate ‘Tic’ by Las is so fitting in the highly industrialized area that I frequent most in Dogpatch). I’m going to upload some photos in a post following this one, so I hope anyone viewing them enjoys.

Plan to post again sometime before I leave, probably. Also, I hope to watch the cats eat some cardinals on Friday somewhere here in town.. Have a wonderful week!


SHoP Architects | NYC

As my last week begins, I would like to reflect back on my first week as an intern at SHoP Architects in New York City.

Completely blinded by a very large neon arrow, I stepped out of the elevator on my first day (03172014) onto the 11th floor of the Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan, obviously aware that I was in the correct place.

With all expectations aside, I walked right in to SHoP’s brand new office lobby which was filled with beautifully crafted architectural models and a wall full of plastic fighter-jets —The Sharples twins are both into the modeling technique of the planes pictured above, as well as the idea of, “fighting off the enemy..” It only seemed appropriate that they’d hang them up in their new office.

I was greeted by Cathy Jones, a good friend of Jason Scroggin, as well as a former UK graduate who has worked for SHoP for many years. She gave me a tour of the new office space and introduced me to so many wonderful people, one of them being Lisa Schwert. Lisa was the project architect that I would be working with for the next two weeks on the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn, NY.

As a two week intern, I am responsible for schematic drawings, schematic diagrams, and a some design work; most of which I probably shouldn’t discuss :). Having experience with both Revit and Rhino has allowed me to transition well within the office. SHoP uses both programs in ways that I find successful and unprecedented. The synchronization of their workers vs technology is impeccable; I am very lucky to be a part it!

The first week, as a whole, was insanely busy and entertaining to say the least.
- touched a toxic lead model
- met over 30 other young designers in the office
- got food poisoning during my lunch break
- drank coffee from a tap
- obnoxiously yelled, “GO TOPS & GO CATS” to Chris Sharples
- snuck into a robotics lecture and ate free pizza
- completely fell in love with SHoP and it’s environment

As the second week begins, i’ll update more often about what I’m specifically doing in the office; more architecture-y things.

-Hannah Sellers

-Haley Koesters

Diller Scofidio + Renfro: Week 1

At the close of my first week I have found that I have experienced and learned a lot. New York in itself has brought to me new flavors and vision. I have seen much of the city and have dined at a vast array of places that have allowed me to peek in to some of the magic that flows through the different areas of the city.

The people at DS+R have been amazing, kind, and engaging. I have found that the office works at a very intense pace, but everyone is on board and is excited to be a part of whatever they are working on. So far in this week I have been on several projects. On my first few days I was working on The Broad Museum in L.A. constructing the Gallery Layouts for its opening this summer. I was also put to the task of constructing a full-scale façade panel that will be used on a project in Rio. Both have had their difficulties, but I feel that in this one week alone I have learned very much and have gotten to better understand of how a firm at the caliber of Diller, Scofidio, + Renfro are so successful at what they do. I look forward to what week two has in store.

-Haley Koesters